Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Beacon Light

The Beacon Light

A ship that is undertaking a voyage on the deep seas need a beacon light to ascertain its shores and to an extent, I think this helps the ship to gauge the depth too. Similarly, I would like to thank the following two for showing me a very nice encouraging website called 'Community-Credit'. This keeps encouraging your community contributions throughout every day and every moment. This keeps you alive in the sense that you are not idle even one second. You learn tips and tricks of trade in anything and everything -- in every single mouseclick and/or a keypress.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to Vadivel and Hima Bindu for comprehensively discussing about Community-Credit in their weblogs and Vadivel to even personally recommend in one of the emails. With such beacon lights, there are more miles to conquer and laurels to win.

Stay Tuned!!!

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