Sunday, November 05, 2006

Calm and Cool Restaurant in Anna Salai

Calm and Cool Restaurant in Anna Salai

Very often while I travel through Tiruvallikeni, I had to alight at Santhi theater bus stop and take the next bus. And most of the time, I land up there and feel very tired. Myself and my friend found a very nice restaurant there called 'Hotel Prahlad'. It is not that big restaurant like Saravana Bhavan or Vasantha Bhavan chain of restaurants. But they do maintain good food quality.

The pricing is also moderate and does not pinch the wallet very much. The cuisines serverd are high quality and pure vegetarian. They do a lot of outdoor catering also and I have requested for the number from the card and would like to share with the readers, who would like to go and order some catering stuff from 'Hotel Prahlad'.

I like the suggestion that they have put in over the exit way. 'If you are happy with our services, tell your friends. If you are unhappy in some aspects, tell us and we would be glad to rectify thier services'. The waiters and the management too are very friendly.

Here are the details regarding the Hotel. Check out the dishes.

Hotel Prahlad,
No. 4, Blackers Road,
Mount Road,
Chennai -- 600 002.
Tamil Nadu.

Telephone Number:  +91-44 -28534197
Fax: +91-44 -28535375
Mobile: +919282103690

Landmark: 1) Next to Casino Theater
                  2) Near to Blackers Road Entrance of Ritchie Street
                 3) Near to Anna Road BSNL CustomerCare (CSR) Center.

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