Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An Interesting 'Encounter' in 51L

An Interesting 'Encounter' in 51L

From Camp Road to CMBT, there is one short route bus for me. Of course, the frequency of the bus is very limited. It is route number 51L and is operated by Kalignar (Karunanidhi) Nagar bus terminus. Interestingly in the morning, the service comes at 0730 Indian Time and reaches Kathipara by 0815 since the very famous traffic bottlenecks at Velacherry Checkpost, Halda and Kathipara report to thier  traffic bottleneck duty only from 0900 to 2200 hours Indian Time.

Since the bus was relatively empty, the conductor was asking one guy, who seemed to be a HIET (Hindustan Institute of Engineering and Technology) student to come inside the bus and refrain from footboarding. Heaven knows why people like footboarding so very particular. From Velacherry, this guy was playing hide and seek with the conductor. No longer than the bus crossed Sagar Hotel bus stop in Guindy, the conductor got wild and started shouting at him; rather incessantly barking at him, since his patience ran out. Now the guy got wild and he started showering his oral retaliations.  As the war intensified, they started jumpting by embracing one another too.

From Guindy to Kathipara junction, it was real fun as the bus went on since I think the driver felt that it is waste to stop for this trivia since journey time would lost. Almost the passengers had a virtual real DVD show in the bus today. Inspite of so many warnings like 'Footboard Travelling Is Dangerous' and 'Travel on Footboard and Travel To Hell', people still continue this bad habit. I think City Police should think of some novel idea to curb this menace.

The problem is that pocket pickers resort to this menace and jump off the bus. I would like to recall our 'Tips from Escaping the Pocket Pickers'.

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