Saturday, November 04, 2006

Showers of Blessings

Showers of Blessings

The monsoons have finally arrived in Chennai. But is the city really prepared to greet the monsoons? I think we are encountered with a big No for this question. The other day while commuting from Tambaram to Chennai, I had to literally open up the umbrella right inside the bus. I was actually serving as a lead and a quite few of the passengers emulated the same behavior. The problem was the conditions of the bus was very rickety and it was leaking in almost every corner.

You ought to live with this situation in Chennai, since rainy season brings in a more painful price rise pinch with respect to autos who charge not less than 50 Rupees for any kilometer. They show different facial expressions and abhinayams to convince the customer on various grounds 'So long distance', 'One way', 'Help the laborer', 'Rain'. You can hear more than a couple of dozens of such rhymes from auto fellows.

Anyway, rains in Chennai is currently greeted by one and all this year as a greatest kid to welcome into the city since it has to fill all the water storage catchment lakes and tanks. Let us join together and welcome Lord Varuna (the rain God).

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