Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Schedules

Saturday Schedules

Today being Saturday, relatively free and also due to late returning home yesterday night following the, I started from home a bit late. I got down at Vijayanagar. The bus I took from Camp Road to Vijaya Nagar was a very interesting thing. Normally the 5A route is classified as superfast but I think the driver that was steering the bus today was a skunky punk and the way he was taking the bus was really a hilarious comedy. For every two kilometers, the way he changed and applied gears turned the journey really turbulent.

I wanted to take a printout of Sri Ayyappa High Resolution Picture since we were planning a pooja sometime this week. Even this week, while hunting to take a color printout of this photo, I encountered very interesting people with very interesting and rather cheap and base mentality. To summarize and recap a few of the persons and from the location they are hailing from:

  1. Browsing Center at Rajakilpakkam 25 INR for printout and 20 INR for browsing. We don't take direct URLs. Pay for browsing one hour even for one page only. Only black and white. What is the difference?
  2. Browsing Center at Velacherry No color printout. But he offered to take the URL only.
  3. Browsing Center at Egmore (Connemara Public Library Premises) This guy was busy on the mobile phone flirting with his girl without caring for the waiting persons and we had to come out immediately.

Fortuanately, today I got one more browsing center in Velacherry again called REMSS. They are actually a DTP cum Tally Insitute and also doing web designing, color printouts, xerox, Internet Browsing etc. While the girl sitting at the browsing counter was barking similar to the one at Rajakilpakkam, after transferring the file to DTP unit, the guy sitting over there was very compassionate. At the first inspection of PDF, he was skeptical over whether the PDF would print properly or margins cut off. He suggested that we could open in Corel and try doing something. But since I was uneasy in editing the picture, he tried researching with the print properties of PDF reader and voila, he got the printout crystal clear. All with the blessings of the Lord. He was very happy and me too. I have linked the high resolution picture in this post for the benefit of other readers and Sri Saranam Ayyappa devotees too.

After taking the printout, before boarding the bus for Ekkaduthangal, it was the order of the Lord that I should enter the Sri Yoga Narasimha temple at Velachery. It was a great time since they were conducting the Pavithrotsavam for the Perumal. I also got a pamplet from the temple and I would try blogging them shortly in my Sri Vaishnava Network weblog and update the URL here as comments.

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