Saturday, January 06, 2007

Goal of 'Padikkathavan' film comes true with new Toyota Car

Goal of 'Padikkathavan' film comes true with new Toyota Car

If you had closely watched the Tamil Film 'Padikkathavan' (starring Rajinikanth and Ambika) and which was hitting box office sometime around 1987, there was a very noble thought. The taxi-driver Rajinikanth had a noble thought that he would not ferry passengers who are drunk or carry narcotics(drugs) or liquor. Once when Ambika was hiding liquor bottles in her saree and pretending to be pregnant, his vehicle fitted with an indigenous addon that beeped and refused to start and alerting him that the passenger was carring a prohibited substance. He would "Lakshmi. Start. She seemed to be innocent and you can not doubt everybody". Lakshmi was the name of his taxi. The moment she got down, Lakshmi started but if she sits back, Lakshmi would automatically turn off the engines.

Today's carried the news that Toyota is bringing a new system which when fitted to cars would detect alcohol consumption by drivers and then switch off engines immediately. I think Chennai's current buggy system of traffic sergeants asking everyone driving late night to get down and blow air would now get retired once Toyota system comes into production and market. This system is currently in trial runs. Check out this article on AzCentral.

Check out Dinamalar ePaper dated 7th January 2007 (Sunday Dinamalar) and navigate to page 4. You may need to register to view the news.

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