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A 'Jump-And-Get-Hit' at Tambaram

A 'Jump-And-Get-Hit' at Tambaram

It had been a morning of stresses, pressures, pleasures and discoveries today morning. I had some issues with the Booty Bank (ICICI), which I had to solve it first. As usual, dealing with those folks took some time and energy making a bit exhausted. For some reason, banking with these guys is getting more time-consuming, resource-intensive and a waste of graceful spirit, as is visible from our "Booty - Part II' (derived from a co-consumer experience at Consumer_Voice_India)

After a bit of hassles and getting the recoverered amount deposited to Indian Overseas Bank, Tambaram through the Anywhere Banking scheme, I had to start back to work only at about 1130. While there was victory all over, there seemed to some misfortune to smile over there a bit. I caught a bus G70 but when I saw M70 just rolling out, I thought, I would catch it and darted from this one to that one. There was one good intangible banana snake to lay a trap and hit against the bus while moving and some circus shows. I managed to escape from major hits with light bruises and the shopkeeper nearby, who was a close friend of mine, immedidately came running to help me out from the slip due to the banana skin.

I had to pass a message to my colleagues that I would be dropping late to work and had to return home through Tambaram Sanitorium shortcut. Even though, the bruises were paining, as I walked through Sanitorium Corporation Bank, I entered the bank and greeted 'Happy New Year' since most of them are close friends. I have'nt gone to the branch for a long time and I used this as an opportunity.

Even though it is an accident, I inferred the following advantages from it and see it was actually a simple weapon to brush off all other impending evils.

  1. With the help of my Lord, Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa, it was a minor bruise instead of a big accident. It might be evil eyes to have laid traps but the Lord saved by diluting it, quite similar to Parthasarathy making Karna's arrow to hit only Arjuna's crown by pressing hard the chariot into the earth. There is a Tamil Proverb to this effect:

    தலைக்கு வந்தது தலைப்பாகையோடு போனது போல

  2. The pending things like greeting my old friends at Corporation Bank, who would otherwise think that I did'nt have the courtesy to greet them 'Happy New Year' was also meted out besides the fact that they would be happy to get greeted with 'Happy New Year', which in fact inducing happiness to me.


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