Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lazy Uninnovative Cabbages -- A Strategy To Deal With Them

Lazy Uninnovative Cabbages -- A Strategy To Deal With Them

We call a person cabbage when he is just a loggerhead and here goes an explanation from Wiktionary. In my opinion and deducing from personal experiences in dealing with such cabbage persons, I best strategic suggestion would be keep them off at bay. They simply spoil the innovations in you and are just speed-breakers.

There are a lot of such flavors and symptoms that indicate thier cabbagism:

  1. Persistent refusal of duty and shirking moral responsibilities.
  2. Lack of sensitivity and seriousness in discharging moral obligations in time and in due perfection within tolerable limits.
  3. Lack of Friendly amicable behavior.
  4. Undue and Immoral trafficking and abetting immoral relationships with other sex. Rememer that Views and Reviews strongly condemns this time and again. Santosh and myself have a policy that we would keep such persons severally away from us lest they pollute our minds too. They are highly contagious disease to the society too. With my love to Javascript, I would say "I love people who knows and prefer calculating javascript:alert(screen.availWidth) and javascript:alert(screen.availWidth) rather than width and height of something else".

I would like to extend this Tamil proverb துஷ்டனை கண்டால் தூர விலகு to accomodate the abovesaid people too as here:

1. துஷ்டனை கண்டால் தூர விலகு
2. மூடனை கண்டால் தூர விலகு (or)
3. மூடனை கண்டால் முகத்தில் குத்தி விலக்கு


Anonymous said...

As per your Views and Reviews policy, if you can give illustrations without suppressions. :)

Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views. I also thank you for your visit to my Views and Reviews too.

First, keeping the topic generic addresses and achieves the following objectives:

(*) Personal relationship breaks are avoided. No finger-pointing in any aspects whatsoever. We orient bringing out the problems of the society and upliftment of society by solving the same and not towards any specific persons.

(*) Most of the observations are from the previous organization, where my tenure is as described here.