Sunday, May 06, 2007

Thiruvallikeni Garuda Seva (from Irving, Texas)

Thiruvallikeni Garuda Seva (from Irving, Texas)

I have been regularly visiting Thiruvallikeni since 1999. Currently, as I am in Irving, Texas since Feb 14, 2007 on Saturdays, I try to at least meditate for a while; at least for an hour and listen to some divine songs. If possible, I try visiting the Dallas Fort Worth Temple.

Amidst this interesting turning points, Thiruvallikeni Brahmatsovams are underway. Thanks to Tamil Murasu that I could get the snap of Garuda Seva in Thiruvallikeni. Here is the snap for the benefit of other pilgrims as well.

Also, affectionately, I could recall when there were friendly reminders on Feb 10, 2007 (Saturday) that I might not be able to visit Thiruvallikeni for the next few months; I was kind of not disturbed but only left it to the Lord and asked Him to accompany me. I could fondly recall one of the poems (as a friendly order to Yatotkari Sonna Vannam Seitha Perumal):
KanikaNNan Poginraan Kaamaru poong Kachi
ManivaNNaa! Nee Kidakka Vendaa
Sennaap Pulavanum Poginren Neeyum
Unran Pai Naagappaayai Suruttik KoLL
And interestingly the previous Thursday I went to Dallas Fort Worth Temple, there were some Bhajans and also I got Prasadams too. I fondly and sincerely affirmatively trust now that Lord has accepted my request too. And interestingly, I seldom logon to Tamil Murasu ePapers but I logged on the other day to it in the evening itself and found this snap.
Again there is an interesting prelude in our divine history which the Lord graces with the same time and again. There was one great Saint in the Sholinghur Divyadesam called doddAchArya. When he could not travel to a particular year Kanchipuram Brahmotsavam Garudaseva, due to his old age, he literally broke down to tears at the banks of 'Thakkankulam'. Lord Varadaraja, instantly appeared before him in His Garuda Vahana. Even now, during the annual Garuda Seva at Kanchipuram, the Lord is covered by two umbrellas for a minute while He crosses the first and prime Gopura Vasal, to stand testimony of the fact that the Lord has travelled to Sholinghur to give His Garuda Vahana darshan to His devotee. Related to this, I would also invite the reader to visit the 'Gajendra Moksham' post.

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