Saturday, May 19, 2007

Velacherry - Tambaram Freeway getting busier and safer

Velacherry - Tambaram Freeway getting busier and safer

People used to advise that venturing past the freeway to Tambaram after Velacherry-Vijayanagar junction late nights is not safe since the road looks very lonely and deserted. If you could access any newspaper archives, you can see a good number of waylay robberies along this stretch. I think those things are slowly getting things of past. At least, I saw three important entities that are extending the busy stretch from Vijayanagar junction till Pallavaram - Thorapakkam radial road junction till Jerusalem Engineering College.

The good busy entities that I could see along the stretch are:

  1. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Pallikaranai
  2. Cognizant Technology Solutions New Building just opposite the Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital
  3. Jasmine Infotech software facility
I guess all the above entities which normally work 24x7 would keep the area bright lit. Also, since there would be good security deployed by them, we can hope for more secure commuting in the stretch henceforth.

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Shri said...


Its a really good news for us. We recently bought a flat nearby velachery mrts. Plan to shift next year. Thanks.