Sunday, June 10, 2007

Corporation Bank contributes to the Under Privileged

Corporation Bank contributes to the Under Privileged

It is again a good news from one of our nationalized banks, Corporation Bank, the premiere public sector bank innovating in its banking facilities in India. I have been observing big hoardings and cloth banners being hung in almost all Corporation Bank branches across the Chennai city that any savings account that is opened between June 1 2007 to July 31 2007 would mean that Corporation Bank would donate ten rupees for the cause of underprivileged children towards their upliftment and education.

So I think instead of lamenting and wasting our time with useless private banks, who only bank for the booty, I think you can walk in to a nearest Corporation Bank and get a savings account opened.

Personally, I think there are lot of good points with Corporation Bank:

  1. Innovative Electronic and Internet Banking services first of its kind from the Nationalized Bank sector.
  2. International Debit Cards
  3. Full Core Banking System (CBS).
  4. A host of other privileges as outlined here.

We would like to recall our earlier post on how Nationalized Banks truly care for the nation here.

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