Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Missed Call Alert Technology

The Missed Call Alert Technology

With every other provider in India now ushering to provide Missed Call Alert service for its subscribers, I just did a quick and basic research on the real technology behind this service. For that matter, we have also covered about this as a quick informative post sometime before, which you can read it here.

The inspiration for this research comes from my colleague (Ramanathan R). While discussing something, he wanted to have information about the Missed Call Alert facility for his Excel Prepaid service. A quick research on Missed Call Alert revealed about the following vendors who actually service the network operators.

  1. Hyderabad-based Tanla Solutions
  2. Missed Call Alert server from OpenCode Systems
  3. Missed Call Alert Server from MobileArts
I really feel that Tanla solutions has given a very beautiful and excellent explanation on the technology behind the missed call alerts that even for the layman it makes real interesting read to understand the same.

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