Sunday, June 03, 2007

Reading Time from the Environment for a Month

Reading Time from the Environment for a Month

Today my calendar was reminding of servicing my HMT Watch. I fondly recalled about the purchase of the gold watch during the Akshaya Tritiya, which I was in Irving, TX. From the time, I landed in US for about a couple of weeks, the original HMT watch was showing haphazard time and then coming down to a grind halt. I know you would be suggesting that I ought to adjust the TimeZone from India to Central DayLight Time but I don't TimeZone has anything to do with the dial not rotating properly right.

First I could not locate a good watch service center till I found one near Rochelle, Irving. But then a simple servicing was suggested at 29 USD. Holy Crap! The original watch itself was less than 25 USDs (however in Indian Rupees and about five years ago). So I just fondly dipped it deep into the suitcase and just thought we would see it later after return to India.

It was just with learning from the Nature that even the Seattle trip went by and during Akshaya Tritiya, the Gold Watch came to me with the blessings of the Lord. I don't think there is anything great information in this post but a stupid and fond recollection of old memory. And I hope it makes a little interesting reading for you during your Sunday.

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