Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stop, Watch and Go (at Rajakilpakkam)

Stop, Watch and Go (at Rajakilpakkam)
Today while commuting to workplace in the morning while reaching Rajakilpakkam bus stand, I struck upon this unique innovative concept of 'Stop, Watch and Go'. For some reason, while most of the commuters from the area do practise it for ages, I was thinking of sharing this interesting practice with others too.
The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) of Chennai which seems to be innovative in introducing deluxe and high protective comfort bus services seems to be doing another shadow activity in the background. Basically all the white board (ordinary) bus services are slowly withdrawn as yellow board (limited stop services). That way, if you are one of those unlucky in depending on the white-board bus stop, then you are forced to walk off a distance to the nearby LSS stop or pay-out-of-your-nose to an autorickshaw. We have been having an interesting conversation on this topic in Consumer_Voice_India too.
Well! But I feel that this attitude of taking public for a ride by MTC too has a positive advise to us. Whe we come to the white-board bus stand, we adopt the 'Stop, Watch and Go' almost religiously. Basically, we STOP at the bus stand for a couple of minutes to WATCH if any servicing bus routes come by or any signage of such bus services for a tolerable time duration. If there is no sign, then we adopt the GO approach to walk off to the nearest LSS bus stand. If you are one of those lucky chaps getting a white-board bus, you still get to practice the GO approach in going to the destination in the said bus.
In a related thread, MTC also enforces us and recalls of Swami Vivekananda's slogan 'Arise, Awake and Stop Not Till Your Goal Is Reached'. Let us appreciate MTC for its latent moral story that they are having an endeavor to preach and teach to the commuters, as part of thier public service measures.

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