Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yahoo -- Lucrative webmail and organizing service

Yahoo -- Lucrative webmail and organizing service

Yahoo is always a good role model for others to emulate in more ways than one. The most recent trend of developments I like with Yahoo is making the email storage virtually unlimited. If you had recently logged on to Yahoo mail services, you can find the storage meter would have disappeared totally. I still find some reviews stating that Yahoo should lift out the attachment caps like 10 MB too. But I feel that attachment should still be having a this limitation for the simple reason that email servers in all enterprises are not capable of handling huge size mammoth attachments.

Also, an email is designed for a casual 'hi' or a professional 'hello' and a formal handshake thereon. If at all, a heavy-duty file exchange is required, there are dedicated file storage services available over the corner. The most significant ones are AOL XDrive, RapidShare etc. Your favorite search engine would be suggesting you more links on this category too.

The other most best and good thing with Yahoo Mail is the cool new Outlook interface. The total AJAX interface, speed of rendering, gentle feather-touch response to the user all makes Yahoo Mail a coveted treasure for anyone. Yahoo Mail -- Beyond doubt, it is owner's pride and neighbor's envy. Yahoo also has good developer API by way of its widgets. And the most interesting and very useful utility is the host of services that we get in the current rich outlook interface being the scheduling calendar, quick notes and a good quick addressbook.

Just thought I would share a good review on this excellent service so that more people can know about it and start using the same. Also, it is a token of gratitude and appreciation for the hardwork put by thier team. Let them wish all success in all spheres of life.

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