Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NobleFoundation with another shorter friendly domain name ...

NobleFoundation with another shorter friendly domain name ...

Service to suffering humanity is truly a service to God. With this noble motto, there exists a group called 'Noble Foundation', based from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The group is founded by one Mr. T.S. Premkumar from Madurai. My sincere thanks to my college friend (K.R. Srinivasan) for introducing me to the group.

The group is innovating in providing a lot of services to financially challenged for their upliftment. A few of them are:

  1. Providing free textbook for students
  2. Free rice bags for widows/poor families
  3. Free rice, sugar, dalda and foodgrains to poor families during festival seasons like Diwali

If you are interested in contributing, please check out the contact details of Noble Foundation from the following addresses:

  1. WWW:
    1. http://www.noblefoundation.cfsites.org/
    2. http://www.noblefoundation.tk/
  2. Email:
    1. noblefoundationmadurai (at) hotmail.com
    2. support (at) noblefoundation.tk
  3. Telephone: +919487391524,+919965244410
  4. Contact Address:
  5. New No.48 (Old No.29/1),
    Perumal Koil South Mada Street,
    Madurai – 625001.

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