Friday, December 19, 2008

'Ticket' or 'Travel Authority'

'Ticket' or 'Travel Authority'

I was just thinking about this comparison between the terms that is used to describe a travel pass which is issued in public commutation systems. There is an interesting comparison of the words as used in India and in US. Just thought I would share this comparison over here:

  1. The travel token that you purchase or reserve is often called in full along with the mode of travel like 'Air Tickets'. I observed that DART token has the word 'Day Pass'.

    A ticket stands for a penalty that a cop levies for a traffic offence or violation.
  2. In India, we use the term 'fine' for traffic offence penalty and 'ticket' for travel authority.

There isn't much to compare but just thought I would share this note so that first timers across the nations can be comfortable with the different words used for the same purpose.

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