Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sulekha YellowPages Contest

Sulekha YellowPages Contest

I just came to know from Sulekha Yellow Pages website and after a quick call to one of their executives to ensure that I can share the same with others that they are organizing a cool novel contest running in their yellow pages section. The contest goes as follows:

  1. When you search and view a business in Sulekha Yellow Pages and if you find an error in the entry, you can submit a suggestion/correction towards the same.
  2. You can also add a new business to Sulekha Yellow Pages and it would be added after due verification from their team.
  3. There are also five gift vouchers to win on a daily basis.
  4. Quick Pointers:
    1. The 'Report an Error' and 'Add More Info' options appear and is available only when you view a particular Yellow Pages entry.
    2. The 'Add a Business' can be exercised from this direct URL. The first screen offers to do a quick search on whether the business intended to be added is already in their catalog. If not, it can be added in the subsequent screens.
  5. You can view the monthly winners from this page.

Let us try and use this opportunity to contribute to Sulekha Yellow Pages for the following reasons:

  1. Contribute to a healthy and vibrant yellow pages development for our own benefit for future.
  2. Support the vibrant community-based Yellow Pages development.
  3. Stand to win cool gift vouchers.

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