Friday, February 06, 2009

My Valentine Day Celebrations

My Valentine Day Celebrations

It had been a novel way of celebrating Valentine's Day (February 14) for me since from 2007 onwards. A quick recap of my Valentine's day celebrations are hereunder:

  1. February 14, 2007: On way to Dallas where I developed love with Dallas Fort Worth temple.
  2. February 14, 2008: It was part of my regular Thursday Triplicane Sri Parthasarathy Temple Visits. The week preceding this (February 7, 2008) was a 'Winning Thursday'.
  3. February 14, 2009: (on plans). Currently, I am in Sabarimala Vratham and I would be visiting the Sabarimala Sri Ayyappa Shrine on February 13th and February 14th and intending to return back to Chennai on February 17th.

Again, I thank my Lord for giving me the opportunity to have only the love and affection towards Him rather than being carried over/seduced and mesmerized by mundane worldly bestial ghastly attractions and pleasures.

Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa!

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