Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ninth Prize Winner of Community-Credit January 2009

Ninth Prize Winner of Community-Credit January 2009

I am happy to share the information that I have again won the ninth prize in Community-Credit January 2009 contest. You can check out other Prize winners and prize details over here.

It is a sheer pleasure of helping peers in various technology forums and knowledge sharing and a recognition to cherish for ever. A quick update of the prize (from the prize page) is below:

Japanese Popping Edamame Keychain


Edamame are baby soybeans, picked before they blossom into adulthood, and boiled. Edamame are also delicious and fun to pop out of their pods (especially when they shoot across a crowded restaurant and you have to explain to a room full of people how the 5 second rule still applies in public). But say you want the fun of popping edamame, but you're not very hungry. Oh, then have we got the keychain for you!

Each Japanese Popping Edamame Keychain has three beans. The end beans are small and immature. The middle bean, however, has one of 12 random faces printed on it. Why? We don't know, but there is nothing like the smile it puts on your face. And the beans are connected to some sort of elastic band, so they pop back in to be popped again as many times as you want. It sounds silly, but trust us, these things are highly addictive. They are also a great way to keep your fingers busy during boring meetings and your mood positive - because no one can frown when their edamame smiles.

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