Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bad Bad Chennai Attitude -- Make it Slow; Tense Them and Loot Them

Bad Bad Chennai Attitude -- Make it Slow; Tense Them and Loot Them

I wanted to share this tri-faceted sinister attitude observed with many people in Chennai (individuals and organizations too) and I really like to shun those base groups. The attitude of observation is as follows:

  1. Making the process of reaching our objective (goal) slower either by discouraging us. If they have power and potential, then they unwarrantedly procrastinate.
  2. As the deliverable gets delayed, naturally a state of tension or anxiety grips on us to explore other options as contingency plans.
  3. They make the most of the situation and loot us in every (other) possibility.

Some examples of this attitude are:

  1. Airtel and other private ISPs promise good Internet Connection. But after sometimes, even loading of Google Homepage becomes slow. Since we become so dependant on it, they would try selling a higher bandwidth package.
  2. Small organizations have base middle managers who deny-delay career prospects to good people and when the latter suspects a foul play, they resort to all sorts of gimmicks in exploiting them.


Anonymous said...

I would like to share another observation in the bus. A passenger was telling me that because of this type of stress in the morning he had an uneasy feeling in the neck. He had put his shirt button incorrectly.

There should be some labor law to protect the people from such bad managers.

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan said...


I thank you for visiting the post and sharing your views too. Regarding your concern on 'Imbalance of Shirt Buttons', I would suggest, he needs to exercise a little more diligence whilst starting from his work in travelling etc, since such imbalances would prevent one from focussing on the road traffic and would be a grievous security concern.