Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Six Interesting Points to note in IT/ITES industry

The Six Interesting Points to note in IT/ITES industry

If you are in a IT or ITES industry and not capable of involving in dirty workplace politics and are honest, hard-working, then the following are the six promises/assurances that you would need to/forced to adhere to, at least in the current day trend:

  1. To develop a hatred for rest and relaxation
  2. To nurture an abysmal love and affection for tension
  3. To cultivate a passion to stick to work on regional holidays and weekends
  4. To self-satisfy and console yourself that you have blissfully exhausted all enjoyment of your life in childhood.
  5. To stop allocating time for your friends and families
  6. To energetically revenge on one's own self.

However, there is a good way to deal with the situation below. Schedule your activities properly. There are plenty of free time management aids available now. A few good ones are listed below:

  1. Todolist
  2. Internet Calendars
    1. Windows Live Calendar
    2. Yahoo Calendar
    3. Zoho Calendar
    4. Google Calendar

/* Source Courtesy: Thanks to Satyanarayanan for sharing this as his daily bite of humor SMS */

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thanks for posting my sms as blog and praising me. I just fwded in a normal english. You have great vocabulary with which you have modified and posted this. keep rocking!!!