Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Slow Computer and a Handicapped System is a boon in disguise

A Slow Computer and a Handicapped System is a boon in disguise

We have been hearing out laments and cribbing along different times from different people particularly when the (computer) desktop/laptop they are on is rather slow or unresponsive. They also get enraged and intimidated particularly when some of the devices malfunction (say) for example, some of the keys in the keyboard are suffering from acute wear and tear due to ageing.

I just thought of sharing out a hidden truth which I realised from an exposure to both the categories of systems in close proximities. Here are them:

We always envision computer systems as lightening fast entities to complete the job impeccably. With this vision having deep-rooted in our mind, the other truths have suffered going through a period of eclipse. They are:

  1. Slow and steady wins the race
  2. Garbage In and Garbage Out (GIGO)

When there is a rash driving without paying attention to details, it often means the driver is racing towards Hell. We all know about the steady progress of tortoise against the rash runner (hare). At the end of the moral story, the tortoise emerged as a glorious winner and hare failed miserably. The same applies here too. Along with speed, what we require is diligent speed and impeccable attention to the goal on hand. The computer systems have also been following the concept of GIGO, wherein if you feed garbage, the output is also garbage. Perhaps as a good samaritan gesture of correcting us and emphasizing us to ensure that we follow the two golden rules above, the computer systems morph as candles sacrificing themselves (''melting themselves") and trying to convey the above noble message. Without any preconcieve notions and prejudices like 'computer is a stupid box or idiot box' or whatever, we should learn from them on being systematic in our tasks and deliverables, having attention and focus to the ultimate goal or objective on hand.

At the same time, whilst compiling the above thought one friend of mine interrupted me with another golden thought -- "How are you going to take into account or justify fallacies like abnormal program terminations, reckless system reboots like BSODs or broken Internet Connections". It is simple. These are the result of reckless driving by the makers of those software and connection operator. They have been hastening in their deliverables without caring for the quality. We can do our best in persistently reporting the issues to them, with the intent that they would try to realise their folly and incorporate suitable remedial measures in their future.

BTW, why did I underline 'persistently'? Connection Operators like Airtel in India are only targetted towards adding and swelling their customer base, increasing their pocket size without caring for quality. They might not listen to suggestions rather their ears are deaf because of greed. Towards this reason, you may need to patiently give them time and treatment through diversified quarters like the following:

  1. Direct feedback
  2. Consumer Forums
  3. Administrative Whip like DoT and TRAI

It is said that time heals the wounds slowly and steadily. We hope that time would cure these maladies too.

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