Sunday, March 01, 2009

"To rope or not to rope"

"To rope or not to rope"

One of the lesser known activities en route my Saturday Triplicane Trip (2/21) was to replace the worn out mobile cover. Now, I was thinking whether I should purchase a mobile neck rope also since having it in the bag or inner pocket was seeming to be a better alternative. I chose the latter at least now as an interim measure.

The advantage of mobile neck rope are as follows:

  1. Better control over your mobile since no one can pluck it out without your knowledge
  2. Whilst your seated near the window in the bus, the risk of mobile falling out of window, particularly in Chennai where the journey is really turbulent and resembles roller coaster rides is less.

The disadvantage of mobile neck rope are as follows:
  1. Less flexibility and compatibility to existing mobile covers. You would need to carefully chose one and make holes in the cover carefully.
  2. These days where building organizers and event managers take privilege and pride in giving so many ID cards on the pretext of 'Security and Curiosity', the number of ropes around the neck would be making you look rather funny like wired robots. I wonder, how are married woman managing through the same!

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