Sunday, March 01, 2009

Torching Summer and Let us lend a helping hand for those challenged ...

Torching Summer and Let us lend a helping hand for those challenged ...

It is just March 1st. Even one week before, I observed that walking in the road at 10 AM seemed to be painful and torching hot waves of Sun are burning everyone alive dead. In these cases, we should depict a sense of humanitarian gesture to all living beings in the world. I just thought I would draft out a first cut set of points which struck me as we can start helping everyone. When I say 'everyone', I am treating every living being (flora, fauna and not homo sapiens)

  1. Talk to your regional shop keeper/apartment association and see if you can help out in the following:
    1. Watering the plants in the morning and evening.
    2. Plant some saplings in your street.
    3. If a small puppy or dog or kitten is struggling in the hot sun, call to your house and give it some water and some biscuit to it.
    4. You are welcome to help out people too individually. But do not entertain strangers into the house. They may resort to theft misusing your merciness.
  2. You can also talk to local political parties to get things in (1) at a larger area, if you have voice in your region.
  3. If you see an older (wo)man/handicapped in the bus, please give them seat and make them feel relaxed.
  4. Help out and encourage organizations like Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, who used to give buttermilk everyday in their area to everyone who passes by their road to quench thirst.

Readers: Please share more topics by which you can make the world a more friendly place to live upon. "We can even cool down the fire-ball Sun by a more humanitarian gesture".

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