Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Worst case afternoon siesta

Worst case afternoon siesta

A few days back I had an opportunity to visit an Internet Cafe around Saidapet around 2 PM in the afternoon. It was a comfortable cozy airconditioned block having a good ambience and a decent connectivity to the Internet backbone. A few minutes later, another guy checked in and took another system just opposite to me.

No sooner did he start opening his browser windows than he started opening his mouth for a continuous yawning too. Me and another customer over opposite terminal to him were really wondering on the continuous bouts of yawning that he demonstrated. At a point of time, after witnessing continous four yawns, I passively started to count it. In a simple sample of 75 seconds (just over a minute), he performed a record of 25 yawns.

I was really surprised on his Yawns Per Minute (ypm) record and perhaps I think this should be a worst case afternoon siesta that anyone could demonstrate. Even now, when I share this anyone, the entire area breaks into laughter as if flood gates of river humor are thrown open.

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