Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Too much of creamy icecreams would make you to scream

Too much of creamy icecreams would make you to scream

I admit that it rather very hot summer now in Chennai and slowly coming out that way across the globe. Thanks to the Global Warming and reckless industrialisation moves throughout, the turbulence on the economic setup is kind of huge and mammoth now. This is not a luddite attitude though but the concern is to have a little concern for environment whilst attempting to setup so many industries and going by the modernization spree.

Under these conditions, when you normally visit any place outside, it would normally be our tendency to go for ice creams and other bottled drinks to escape from the pricking waves of heat. I just thought of sharing this public service message that we should take enough care in ensuring the quality of cool drinks and ice creams that we get from the vendors. It might be flushy, creamy and attractive icecreams, flavored to the hell by the shopkeeper with so much chemicals to provide a momentary solace from the heat and to quench the thirst for immediate but in the long run, this might prove catastrophic to our health.

Excessive chlorination in water, reckless bottling of water in plastic sachets are some of the common things at least in Chennai where we need to pay particular attention to.

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