Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Interesting Contact with a Friend ...

An Interesting Contact with a Friend ...

I was writing an email to a long-back friend. After typing the long message and sending it, I just got a quick response from his address. I was just surprised how come he is online at a weird Sunday afternoon at his office.

Interestingly the reply was 'Out of Office' reply. The more crowning thing was that my message was recieved by the email server just on the day his Out of Office (OOO) reply has started to work and to flag his vacation. For your own assessment and review, check out this post datetime timestamp and an abstract of the OOO reply below:

"I will be out of office from 14/06/09 - 21/06/09. I will respond to your message upon returning to office on 22/06/09 (Monday)."

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