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An Acid Test on my Samsung E1410

An Acid Test on my Samsung E1410

It seemed to be a testing Monday morning. I was actually having some hot coffee around 11 AM. Somehow a tripartite infiltration of incoming calls landed up on all the ringing devices on my desktop. Not sure which one to prioritize first for a moment and the moment was almost reeling through an impasse decision to come up. Though I could manage the invitees a bit, my 'thirsty mobile' grabbed a good bit of the caffeinated drink. Fortunately, since there was a protective cover on it, the amount of liquid that penetrated was minimized to a greater extent.

The rest of the day vested me with an additional onus of 'recovery process' for the same. Whilst Airtel managed to handle with elegance through its Missed Call Alerts facility, I had disassembled the mobile to allow it to dry at least till 7 PM. After that I needed to do quick visual check up of the same to ensure there are no visible water droplets which might rot the fine delicate electronic gadgets within the chassis of the mobile. A quick visit to the Samsung service center in the neighborhood and a call to Samsung customer care flagged green that there was not much damage to it. Towards night, for a couple of calls, I recieved complaints from the other parties that there were crackling sound. Towards redressing the remnant maladies, I chose to continue the 'drying exercise' outlined in a few websites pointed by Google.

I ran through a couple of test calls from today morning to a diversified networks and from different zones like congested places, free isolated and quarantined sections of the city and it seems the situation is out of being grim now. The protective cover needed to be discarded because of the intensity of damage. Perhaps towards this is what we have a saying in Tamil which goes like this "தலைக்கு வந்தது தலைப்பாகையோட போச்சு". This saying has a good relation to the epic tale of Mahabharata. When Karna and Arjuna were directly against each other in the battle field, ferocious Karna aimed a very powerful weapon at Arjuna. Lord Krishna, who was helping Arjuna in the role of charioteer, pressed hard the chariot with His thumb and the chariot started immersing a good deal into the earth. Now the sharp arrow which was aimed at Arjuna's head just hit his crown and went away. The peril that targetted his head got diluted and dispersed off with the head cover alone.


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