Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Few Quick Stress Handling Tips

A Few Quick Stress Handling Tips

These are machine-days wherein day in and day out, from dawn to dusk, we are mostly focussed towards multitude of deliverables of varying magnitudes. The intensity of each of them besides the speed and necessity of the same inadvertantly makes a feeling of uneasiness or the magical word called 'Stress' or 'Tension' to creep in. This applies unanimously to everyone. Whilst casually cleaning up my mailbox, I just found out a newsletter (which was a forwarded and forwarded note and part of an email chain) which enumerated on a few quick tips on resilient stress handling tips.

I normally delete off email chains but this one remained clipped to my 'Saved Notes' folder since it had some good topics that were being discussed. I just thought instead of having it private to my personal mailbox, I would have the same shared across with others for the benefit of the world. The stress handling tip bifurcates into two arena (Work and General). Let us see about a few tips discussed over each sphere.

  • Work Atmosphere
    • Have a simple Todolist to walk through your deliverables.
    • Stop comparing against others
    • Stretch your Tolerance
    • Refrain from being judgemental on others
    • Avoid Procrastinating
    • Learn to Say 'No'
    • Take a short break and learn to practice 'relaxation'
    • Turn off your mobiles for shorter periods to listen and enjoy silence and peace
  • General
    • Be gentle with yourself
    • Exercise. A simple gentle deep-breath should help you travel miles with confidence
    • Stop comparing yourself with others
    • Talk the stress out
    • Watch out what you eat

I believe a point like 'Stop comparing yourself with others' seems to be sharing between the spheres. Besides this, we also have something called Todolist, which is normally advocated frequently by me in these columns. I hope these small tips would be useful to one and all for a better, peaceful, planned, systematic and harmonious life.

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