Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Eyes are getting red. Am I angry? Nay. The spectacles are being migrated to a more pristine, powerful and cool one...

My Eyes are getting red. Am I angry? Nay. The spectacles are being migrated to a more pristine, powerful and cool one...

About six months back, my colleague (Pradeep Joe Felix) was asking me why is my spectacles little looking imbalanced. I used a little trick to adjust the screws to save budgetary expenses and by taking help of a local optician in my area.

About two months back, I attended a eye check camp from Dr. Agarwal. I got some clues regarding my inconvenience in the vision because my power levels has diminished whereas my spectacles were little high powered. I had enqueued a task like 'Visit to my optician' in my Todolist. But it had been lingering around there for a while without much realisation.

To support and encourage the visit to the optician, interestingly, I got a post card mailer from him too announcing some good offers and discounts on various spectacles and frames for a limited time period around a month back.

It looks like my Todolist has reached the threshold point now and today it had escalated to the next higher level. In the morning during the routine cleaning up exercise, one of the lens just came out and developed an irreparable and an irreversible crack. Now, the Todolist item has been actioned upon. Along with, I had joined together two more things besides satisfying my wallet too.

  1. Another quick eye checkup. This time it turns out distinctly a little tangible power change in both the eyes, which should address the inconvenience being suffered hitherto.
  2. Cosmetic touchup to the spectacle eye frames.

The discount offer came in handy saving a good percentage of expenses on lens and frames. The above medical visit and exercise did took a few hours in the forenoon before I could return to work in the afternoon.

As a stopgap arrangement while the previous lens is being addressed of its malady and is being migrated to a newer set, my backup spectacles is being used now. They have a little marginally high power (around six months old) which I would need to endure for a day or two at least. But the transition itself seems to be little tricky. The higher power seems to be causing a little itching sensation and reddening because of prolonged exposure to computer monitors and the high amount of radiation prevailing in the ambience.

No doubt there is no gain without a little pain and effort. A little endurance through this turbulent travail, I hope, should open up green pastures and more brighter window ahead. Wish me!! The caption also travels closely to the traffic lights. There is always the first red light in the traffic light warning you to stop. Then comes the amber (optionally) in high traffic arterial junctions. Finally, you see the green which shouts to you 'Way to go, my darling!'

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