Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The next time you confront an arrogant MTC Crew ...

The next time you confront an arrogant MTC Crew ...

The MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) of Chennai is really doing a great work nowadays in improving the infrastructure of the buses and uplifting the transport face of the nation. Currently, the major eyesore for any onlookers with reference to the drivers and conductors are the following:

  1. Drivers are too arrogant. They don't pick you up at the designated bus stops and/or make you run and the board the bus. A similar stance applies for getting down too.
  2. The conductors too don't give change in most of the cases. If the exchange is 50 paise then there is a high probability that you may need to forego it.
Today whilst commuting from Velachery to Guindy in D70 Express, I found a new placard announcement that is being put by MTC in the bus (right at the entrance/exit doors on top of it from inside). It reads as follows: (translated into English) "If you witness untoward unprofessional gesture from the bus crew, then you can contact +919445030516".

I just thought I would share the same with other readers so that everyone can join hands in solidarity in ensuring that the public transport corporation is really beneficial to a fuller extent to the public.

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