Friday, July 24, 2009

Our dumb friends looking out for some small assistance ...

Our dumb friends looking out for some small assistance ...

A whilst back I was reading through a series of information about Animal Welfare Protection Trust which provides shelters to orphaned street dogs in Chennai in Go-Ergo. This organization operates from a small house near Vijayanagaram (off Medavakkam Koot Road; towards Tambaram and a few yards before Santoshapuram bus stop). Go-Ergo had been kind enough to run this appeal right in Page 2 on the right top of the magazine.

An Appeal

The Animal Welfare and Protection Trust (AWPT) is making an urgent appeal for milk powder. The Trustees use close to 25 kg of milk powder a month for the animals in their shelter. A regular 1 kg donation will help them through the recession that has reduced their funds in recent months. If you can contribute, get in touch with Mrs. Padmavathy at 9962968265 / 22781381

A screenshot of the appeal from Go-Ergo is attached below:

I just thought I would share this with other interested readers so that interested people can extend their assistance to the little dumb friends. In the above advertisement, you may need to prefix +91 (country code for India) for the first number and +91 44 (country code and long distance area access code of Chennai) if you are reaching from outside the nation or outside Chennai telecom local calling area.

As a matter of fact, I also was feeling that we should make it a point to have a recurring commitment in our Todolists to help out such organizations to live through their turbulent times and facilitate them to see and enjoy the blissful merry sunshines quickly. Feel free to share this with your friends, kith and kind too.

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