Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pleasant Looking Dashboards

Pleasant Looking Dashboards

Of late whilst casually browsing through my frequently visited websites, I found some good changes in two of them:
  1. Rediff homepage
  2. Yahoo Mail homepage
Rediff homepage used to be cluttered with so much of packed and stuffed information. Adding fuel to the fire, there used to be at least half a dozen popup windows that hit and run along my task bar. At least for a few days now, the homepage looks appealing with a simple nonscrolling homepage and a two column layout.

Yahoo mail too, after logon, now addresses me first informing the messages count awaiting to be read, actioned upon and then goes to brief about the various news and other stuff.

Way to go. Let us hope that the same style catches up with more websites. I would like to see if IndiaTimes too adopts this. They have a very huge pile of links and one would be virtually lost in the hyperlink jungle, if not careful in his navigation enough. These simple steps, for sure, would really enhance the user experience to a greater extent besides serving as a role model for budding web developers on how best to develop a good looking website. Let us join to appreciate and encourage the team who were behind this radical move towards a novel pleasant user experience for high traffic websites.

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