Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Research into Samsung GPRS and a divine Tuesday Today

A Research into Samsung GPRS and a divine Tuesday Today

Today morning even when I reached home quite late night yesterday around 2 AM, there were interesting developments. I was just trying to figure out if I could get a small wallpaper of Sri Ayyappa in my Samsung E1410. It did have GPRS capability. But when I browse to the website I could see the images but not ViewSource it or Save Images from the OpenWave browser onto the storage section. A little research into Samsung E1410 gave me a clue that it supports JPG images of 128x128 dimensions only. Thanks to Samsung Customer Care Helpline 044-30308282 for clarifying the same.

I used the wallpaper image from Sabarimala website over here and with the help of Media-Convert pushed it to my mobile. The first attempt failed because of huge dimensions and the mobile was just showing up a question mark. I had to then use Resize2Mail website services to resize it to 128x128 and then push it again to the device.

Just thought of sharing the same with other interested readers for everyone's benefit.

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Manas said...

Hi Deepak, even i purchased a SamsungE1410 3 months back. As you have mentioned, the mobiles native browser is very slow n sloppy. Someone suggeste me to try installing an Opera mini 3/ Opera mini 4.2(alpha versions)/ or Opera mini 5 Beta. The first two worked good but Opera mini Beta 5 couldnt install conveying message that it was for the absence of permanent internet network, notwithstanding the fact that the previous two applications, ran quite smoothly in same network conditions. Also, the phone has a paltry storage of just 4MB and file downloads through web cant be directly touted to memory card. Moreover, the most disppointing fact is that it doesnt allow downloads larger than 298kB. Why is it so, inspite of a sufficient 4MB(=4096kb)? App beyond 300kb, say Nimbuzz, eBuddy,etc., couldnt be installed. So, please, let me know(if u can), if there is any solution to it and what is the maximum size of an application, that can be stored on it via web download. Plz plz reply me at msmshaah@gmail.com.