Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let us keep LinkedIn beautiful and clean ...

Let us keep LinkedIn beautiful and clean ...

Social networking communities are excellent tools for getting people together, building rapport and relationship. At the same time, pranksters do abuse such websites for their wilful bad gains. Orkut had been the most targetted product for such abuse by hackers. I am a hard nut to crack in my policy towards a staunch hatred for Orkut because it keeps hitting headlines time and again for abuses in varied forms.

And recently the placement and recruitment consultants seems to be having a similar foray on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is simply different professional networking community and there is simply no place on earth or under the sun for casual flirting and other crazy relationships over here whatsoever. My normal practice of dealing such scumbags is as follows:

  1. A polite reply back challenging 'Do you know me? Can you give a background on our previous knowhow?'. I would give them a decent four business days time before I choose to trash off the message.
  2. If the person replies in a way that is convincing and there is a bona fide previous knowhow, then I can add him to the network. If he is going to be another jackass sending out the same canned response crap back, then I would 'Report As Spam' and trash it.
  3. If the issue persists, I would have LinkedIn CustHelp to take the whip on them to have their asses laminated.
  4. If the issue still persists, I would parallely choose to start an investigation on him based on his profile and have his employer and other circles known about his perceived hysteria.

I admit that (4) would take a long time since it also involves a harmonious coordination amongst my other schedules and action items in my Todolist. The bottomline of the story is simple. Let us keep casual cropdusters and scumbags away from social networking communities and keep it beautiful.

Let me know how you tackle such menace and let us help grow a prosperous community by keeping off such vicious pests. As a salient example, my today's latest trap was a recruitment consultant called ( from Consult One India. In this particular case, all steps (1) through (4) have been completed.

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