Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Truly Demonstrated Signages from Idle People

Truly Demonstrated Signages from Idle People

Recently I had one interesting conversation with a friend of mine and we were trying to compile a few set of points/incidents in which a few people show themselves off when they have nothing concrete to work/action upon. As the most common saying goes 'An idle man is the workshop where the devil unleashes catastrophy of all sorts'. We would here see a few list of gestures that an idle person would demonstrate. This can also be taken as a complementary discussion to our earlier post over here.

  1. Since the idler does not have anything concrete to deliver or demonstrate you can witness an undue amount of yawning or scratcing of their body parts like head, shoulders, chin etc. Remember, one person yawning in the room would serve as a highly contagious infection and it would reduce the performance of the room in toto.
  2. The idleness also in a way reduces the oxygen and they might resort to too much of long breath frequently. We call this as பெருமூச்சு in Tamil.
  3. If they are tech-savvy too much of idleness can be seen as wild-goose chase-like behavior in too-frequent link click sounds or mouse-scrollwheel motion. Perhaps they are resorting to whiling away the time in travelling as per their brain dictates, like what we call in Tamil as மனம் போன போக்கில்.

There isn't much to work upon or to correct with respect to such folks. They are just dangerous vectors to the society who ought to be quarantined to preserve the ecosystem. The need of the hour is to recognize them and stay aloof, a thing of which that is easily spread but a little involved to practice.

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