Monday, January 25, 2010

Checkout and Checkin

Checkout and Checkin

This post is just a simple fun comparison between checkout and checkin with reference to hospitality industry (hotels) and technology configuration management tools (like source control)

  1. Checkout (in hospitality industry): The latest time you would need to depart from the room by settling the bills.
    (Technology): The act of preparing a file for editing and making changes to the same, which is protected by source control.
  2. Checkin (in hospitality industry): The process of signing up formally with the hotel helpdesk and taking up your room.
    (Technology): The act of saving back the changes made on the file to the source control.

While for hospitality industry a typical checkin process happens before checkout itself; in the case of technology the reverse of the process is the reality reserving the fact that first addition of the file is classified distinctly as 'Add to source control' [which can also be deemed as a checkin process] :)

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