Monday, January 11, 2010

Go Back, Tension!

Go Back, Tension!

I was reading an old article of Indian Independance when in 1928 there was a huge movement against the 'Simon Commission' called 'Go Back Simon'. Something interesting struck my mind

I think starting this Pongal we should nurture a similar thought 'Go Back Tension'. It is better to give back the tension to the originators itself than we shouldering it without any need. Stress and tension mostly eat away the productivity both in personal and professional cadres.

Some people try to feed these vectors to us because of their own patented idiotic idiosyncrasies. Rather we succumbing to it, if we can give them back that should make use feel lighter so that there is more room for productive thoughts.

In less than forty-two hours, we celebrate Bhogi. Bhogi is a unique festival in India wherein the old things are destroyed and the house is painted and decorated with new things. We should take a cue from this festival in that we destroy the evil thoughts from our mind and nurture noble thoughts only. Besides this, if there are factors contributing to the reality of succumbing us (or at least abetting that act), I wouldn't lessen the severity of the rule that we should firewall ourselves from such factors whatsoever.

We wish you 'Happy and Prosperous Pongal' to one and all. Let Bhogi destroy all evil from our physical and mental circles thus paving way to prosperity of wealth and happiness to bloom and fill our wallets and heart!


Madhivanan said...


Fourth paragraph should start with

In less than forty-two hours,

instead of

In less than forty-two years,


Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thanks for pointing out. The (inadvertant) typo has been corrected out.

Varalakshmi said...

Well said Deepak :) Wish you a very Happy Pongal