Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prepaid Cellular -- More Control and Flexible

Prepaid Cellular -- More Control and Flexible

When it truly comes to a more control and flexible cellular connection, I believe a prepaid should be a best bet choice. Whilst service providers argue that they present enviable number of bill payment options for the comfort and convenience of the users, recharging a prepaid is no big deal. Be it online or your local dukanwala can help you recharge your cellular connection really fast and amazing.

A few online services that I came across to help quick and easy recharging of mobile connections are:

  1. Fast Recharge
  2. Recharge it now
  3. Recharge Today
  4. Apna Bill
Besides this your banker should also most probably offering a quick recharge through their internet banking services. Check with your banker for more details.

Note: Hyperlinks to select service providers are provided as an illustration and comfort to the people. I have not personally/comprehensively tried those services and hence can not vouch or endorse on the reliability and trust of those services. Hence please exercise sufficient caution and due diligence attention whilst transacting with those service providers.

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sidhant said...

Respected sir

Sir i want to inform u that my order num is A04300270410 an transaction id 693599 date 27-04-2010 in after noon 13:25pm when i recharge RS250 my mobile number 9772849620 is a company of vodaphone i do all the process and then the process is failed an then there is a option of try again and i tried again an its again failed an then i see my balance in mobile an there is no ballance of this transaction and then i see my ballance of my bank account of sbi debit card i see there is a transaction of RS250+RS250=500 is debit from my account. so i request u to refund my amount of RS500 in my sbi bank account. my register id in recharge it now is , I also filed a complaint at and even after this not get any response, I shall be highly obliged.

yours faithfully