Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Experience 3000"

"Experience 3000"

A number of people would have experienced the start of Saade Saathi in the most recent Saturn transit that happened in September 2009. The total period should be about 2555 days (spanning seven and a half years). Since the effects of any planetary transits are visible even a little before and little after, I just thought of having the caption of this post as 'Experience 3000'.

The objective of this post is that the period of seven and half years is not just bolt out of the blue. If Lord Sun is revered as a king of all planets, Lord Saturn is considered as a hard task master and judgement giver. The turbulences during this period is to be taken in the positive aspect to realise and repent one's own folly and thus incorporate suitable corrections in our day-to-day lives towards the service of the Lord. A while back I believe we did discuss about Rahu and Ketu along with the fact that planetary debilitations are an indicator that we would need to correct the path of our lives towards the noble objective of serving the Lord.

Let us share our views about your experience in the Saade Saathi period which can be helpful for others too towards reorienting our lives towards the service of the Lord.

Om Sham Shaneshray Namah-Laghu Shani Mantra

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