Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time slow or fast?

Time slow or fast?

The time is one entity in the universe which keeps moving at its own pace without stopping for anything. Isn't this the best reason we also have an age-old time-proven saying 'Time and tide wait for none'. Nevertheless we keep hearing people that 'I don't have time. I am totally busy', 'I am killing time. I totally free now and bored. How to pass time now?'

I don't think both these perceptions are correct in anyway. Planning out the task systematically, assessing its progress and correcting maladies/anomalies on the progress-track of the project and incorporating suitable corrections/improvements can achieve a near-perfection (not-to-quote perfection as the ideal utopian state as every thing in the universe has always a scope-for-improvement).

So when some one tells something about time, ask him to retire from his current task and introspect for himself with a psychiatrist to clean up his mind.

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