Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LoveLavs -- A spinoff version of LD

LoveLavs -- A spinoff version of LD

Lavanya had been always chiding me that I get time to scribble on my blog rather than to get into the family responsibilities. My response in a little gibberish way was that this is part of my family. There has been an interesting turn of events for the couple of months causing her to set foot on blogosphere as well.

Three interesting blogs of her, signed in her profile with her maiden name, are as follows. So I think now I get a protective cover of not being 'hit' by her for escaping into the world of blogs right since she herself is there. Now with me and her distributed geographically apart by a few thousand miles due to work conditions and it might take a few months before she could get to me going through the administrative and statutory procedures, I believe, the blogosphere is going to serve as an invaluable bridge.

  1. Love Lavs
  2. A devotional blog dedicated to Sri Rangam
  3. A social concern blog sourced from thoughts of the environment and providing an internet based counselling. [It is her maiden venture and hence expect a lot of evolutions in this blog. And like Google Labs says in its disclaimer, features that she might be including it over there might either be graduating or retiring at their own pace and subject to her whims and fancies.
LD is setting afoot as a small banyan tree and manifesting itself as a small succinct and distinct root. Time and again there had been different branches from here helping the community with information of diversified type. Wish me to continue this noble journey and embark on more bright ventures embracing tough challenges elegantly.


Ravi Narayan said...

sabash. sariyana potti. She has a matching blog for each of your entities in your profile except that instead of your technical LD, she has a social concern thought put up.

Deepak Vasudevan said...

Hi Ravi,

So your Hawaiian lunch time you caught up visiting my blog and sharing your views.

Thanks for your thoughts.

gigfy-test said...


I posted this question a while back but did not receive a reply. I collect HMT watches and would be very interested to know the model name of your HMT watch. The one from the lost and found entry.

Many thanks,