Monday, June 21, 2010

The Significance of June 21, 2010

The Significance of June 21, 2010

This day (21st Day of June 2010) is a significant day for many.

  1. For geographers and scientists this marks and designates itself as Summer Solstice.
  2. For people in the Northern Hemisphere, it indicates the start of gruesome summer. Per this website, the summer solstice began at 7.28 AM Eastern Time in the North American continent.
  3. The June 21 2010 weekend was also observed as 'Father's Day'.

    Oh Well! Where am I heading to? I would say the most significant part of June 21, 2010 is for two souls who had assured each other to be shouldering and supporting one another throughout their life over here. It was this day when they got a formal opportunity authorized by the elders to meet and the process towards the nuptial binding was flagged off.

    This was the holy day in one of the yester =years that gave them an unique opportunity to exchange their hearts (or rather thieve each other's hearts)

    Let us wish them 'All the very best" for a happy married life.

    எண்ண அரு நலத்தினாள் இனையள் நின்றுழி,
    கண்ணொடு கண் இணை கவ்வி, ஒன்றை ஒன்று
    உண்ணவும், நிலைபெறாது உணர்வும் ஒன்றிட,
    அண்ணலும் நோக்கினான்; அவளும் நோக்கினாள்.

    [Source Courtesy: கம்பராமாயணம்/மிதிலைக் காட்சிப் படலம் -- பாலகாண்டம்]

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I think it is the longest day in a year. Is it so.