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The Growing Trend of Patronymic and/or Matrimonial Names

The Growing Trend of Patronymic and/or Matrimonial Names

Most of the websites that offer registration would ask you for 'First Name', 'Middle Initials' and 'Last Name'. The 'Last Name' is known variedly in many places. Western countries have something called 'Family Names'. For example like 'Lloyd Williams', 'Laura Williams', 'Dane Williams', 'Jessica Williams' might be a 'Williams' family with Lloyd and Laura as spouses and Dane/Jessica are their son and daughter respectively.  In our country we normally have 'Father's Name' as initials. The first name then becomes 'Given Name'. And after marriage the girl's patronymic name gets morphed into the matrimonial name. 'Jessica Williams' when getting wedded to 'Jack Thomson' becomes 'Jessica Thomson'.

I just got hold of a Wiki article which explains about this in real good length. Just thought of sharing the same over here.

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  2. A few of my friends' blogs, fav writers' email signatures which show a fine-blended combination of patronymic and matrimonial names. Giving due credits to them here they are Sumitha Sathish Balakrishna Nair, Vasumathi Balaji Sridharan]. Item in 'green' is their matrimonial (spouse) name and item in red is their patronymic name. I appreciate whole-heartedly their innovations. Wish them a peaceful bliss of married life.


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