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Handshake -- How much disastrous can it be?

Handshake -- How much disastrous can it be?

Trends of westernization (on the masks of globalization) can be disastrous in more ways than one. Some of the customs that we adopt are just increasing Tamas/Rajas more.

Background Info: During one of the direct in-person 'war' in my previous organization I had an unique opportunity to blast a middle manager in my defunct previous organization.

Interestingly the way I blew him up was so very harsh and if I describe it verbatim here, Google Blogger would consider this as a 'ToS violation' whereas the then CEO (Srinivas Thirunagari) who has radical thoughts completely was in consensus to my view. He was infact mediator absorbing my allegations and filing everything possible under the  offender. In fact he was under a 'suspension' for a few weeks too pending investigation and his colleague was fired. That was a gesture of victory to the truth. There are two ways to standby to protect the Dharma. Either take the Gandhian Ahimsa way or Netaji's way. During that time I adopted the latter. The objective was noble whereas the path was harsh and hard.

Well! Why is this story and how does it befit handshake? I was reading through this article on handshakes and spiritual perspectives. And hence recalled. The unethical middle manager had a lot of negative habits including flirting and human trafficking. He had a few unscrupulous law-breaker cops to support his malicious ways in connivance. In a way that is patented unique to me I just asked him in the open forum 'Are you going to crash my organization's name and fame by showing a handshake in the public and penis-shake in the background?'

Just thought I would share this recall. Regret if this had been a harsh tone. But I strongly believe that elixirs were (are) never sweet. Offenders need to be whiplashed without mercy of any kind. Yesterday I was talking to a colleague from the same organization regarding the above article. We were recalling about this incident and hence shared out the same here too.


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