Sunday, September 05, 2010

Happy Teachers Day

Happy Teachers Day

Woo Hoo! Another celebration time around the corner. Come September 5 and it is celebrated all over India as Teachers day, a token gesture of gratitude to our beloved teachers who shaped us to this point now. Historically, teachers day is the birthday of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, one of the former presidents of Indian Union. You can also check out a list of teachers day across the globe over here.

Sincere thanks to the author of LoveLavs for inspiring me with the awesome Teacher's Day post. Emulating my most current guru, here goes my humble list of teachers that I could recall.

  1. English: Mrs. Meena Suresh,Mrs. Millie Amon and Mr. Shahul Hameed
  2. Tamil: Mrs. Sundaravalli, Mrs. Susheela and Mr. Sundararaaman
  3. Maths: Mrs. Mahalakshmi, Mr. Suresh Kumar
  4. Physics: Mrs. Mercy
  5. Chemistry: Mrs. Sarada Sankaran, Mr. Prakash (VIT)
  6. History and Geography: Mrs. Santha Madhavan
  7. Computer Science: Dr. Kalyanaraman (VIT)
  8. My Colleagues and Gurus:

    1. The Kitten ('Prathiba Venkatesan') who dubs herself as a package of philosopher, friend, kid, programmer, intellect and guide. (Verizon)
    2. Vishnuvardhan (VIT)
    3. Amarender (VIT RASNFS Project Team)
    4. My Reflection
      1. My Pet ('Lavanya') -- Optimism, Love and Affection. 
      2. My Conscience ('Lavanya') -- Steer Forward and Fast Forward ('No looking back') besides an ethical fence.
Oops. The list keeps going on and on for ever...

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