Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catching a bad is faster rather more faster than a fire than good…

Evil things and evil spirit fast, faster and the fastest whereas the mills of God grind slow but sure. These turn out to be true even for other petty things. Recently I have observed a technical glitch in AOL Webmail Suite.

I  had to email some one and there was an inadvertent error in the address. Interestingly, the auto-save contacts on compose clipped the incorrect address even though there was a failure of the email delivery. However at least till this date (more than three ways of repeated conversations with that recipient) the contact is unable to be added automatically and it keeps suggesting the incorrect in the To dialog.

This is true in many other aspects as well. Other predominant trend that we witness is as below.

People tend to be carried over by mundane presentations and attractions (distractions – would that be more befitting?) rather than the inner truth, which we call by infatuation realizing their folly (deep fried blunder) very later when it is irreversible. We dub this syndrome and encapsulate it in a shiny term called ‘infatuation’.

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