Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Let us wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving (the equivalent of India’s Thai Pongal). A few comparison points between ThanksGiving and Thai Pongal.

  1. Both are harvest festivals towards showing the gratitude of bountiful harvest to nature, flora, fauna and other contributing entities.
  2. Three Day Festival of Pongal: Bhogi, Pongal, Kanu Mattup Pongal. Thanksgiving comes on fourth thursday of November which accompanied by ‘Day After Thanksgiving’ (Friday – TGIF Smile) and the hearty weekend makes it a rewarding festival.
  3. Thai Pongal marks the end of Margazhi month and start of Thai month. Thanksgiving marks the end of fall and beginning of winter.
  4. Thai Pongal marks the transition from Dakshinayanam to Uthiranayanam. Thanksgiving presents a seamless transition from fall to winter (which evolves slowly into Seasons period and New Year)
  5. Sweet sugarcane is the most sought-after stuff in Thai Pongal. Thanksgiving is associated predominantly with Turkey.
  6. Makara Jyothi forms part of this celebration in Pongal. Mandala Pooja days coincides with ThanksGiving.


Let us have a small prayer to Ayyappa and Annapoorna who are considered the Gods of food.



WooHoo! As I was drafting this post I got an email regarding a query from the ‘Sabarimala of the West’.

There is a famous saying and trusted belief that “தை பிறந்தா வழி பிறக்கும்”. Let us ensure and pray the Almighty that this thanksgiving marks a demise of agonizing moments, distressful thoughts and events and sows the seeds of blooming bright future and days ahead. Amen. Tatasthu.

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