Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am LD… Speed 1 Thz Memory 1 ZB

Today I wanted to curse that idiot God who has made me into a Homo Sapiens. I would love to have be a member of Robo Sapiens. On a ThanksGiving eve I would like to request Lord if you could transition me into the desired breed.  I admit that the other shore is always a greener pasture. Nay. I am not crying for the moon. But here are a few things to share:

  1. Focused on Task
  2. An ability to ensure others is not hurt even unintentionally.
  3. An ability to desist from pessimism. Robo Sapiens is always optimistic. At least is aspires to be. At least it makes every small step to move towards the task completion.
  4. An ability to refrain from Raja/Tama.

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